Fishing Reports for
San Gabriel River at the dam in San Gabriel Park


April 1, 2017 - Ed Siska

Hit the lower part of San Gabriel park with Clint yesterday. Flows are down and it made for easy wading. Arrived about 8:30 and saw a huge hatch going on. (BWO’s? - they were grey and sz 18-20) The fish were keyed in on the surface - so much so that the surface sounded like popcorn popping as the fish hit the flies. All over by 9:00. An earlier arrival would make for a great dry fly outing. I’m heading there next week!

Caught assorted perch in the area below the dam. Clint brought in a nice bass on a crayfish imitation at the bridge. I worked the same area with a leggy midge and didn’t get a take. They were focused on bigger prey. Time to break out the clousers and focus on pre-spawn bass

September 30, 2016 - Ed Siska

Begin and end time: 9AM - Noon
Air temp: Nice, air temp in 70- low 80‘s
Water Temp: didn’t check temp, crystal clear
Flies that worked (size, color, pattern): Thin mints, wooly’s, poppers, floating spider patterns, Rio Getters, and a yellow Clouser

Fished the San Gabriel River, mile upstream along walk-way from Rivery park

Ed Siska, Mike Martin and guest, walked the stream bed and fished the deeper pools upstream, bottom is firm and easy to wade. Definitely a small fish day, caught a lot of “perch” (assorted sunfish family members), occasional small bass. Only 1 larger bass was taken on a yellow clouser.

June 2, 2013 - Clint Barton

Fished today a couple of hours below the park dam. Caught several Rios, 2 small bass, 1 goggle eye, and tons of sunfish and bluegill. Best fly was an orange Humpy dry fly.

May 11, 2012 - Rod Viator

Fished the San Gabriel River downstream of the Georgetown City Park on Wednesday. Caught so many fish, I couldn't count them all. Tied on a No. 10 chartreuse foam popper and used it all morning. The Black Bass and Blue Gills were on the spawn and will attack anything that comes near their bed. Fished past the waste water discharge area almost to the abandoned railroad trestle. Smelly area, but very productive. Gave the 5 weight a workout and tested the Orvis warranty on a very large bass.

The best part of the morning was when I discovered the top part of a bikini on the river bank, but did not see a mermaid anywhere. It appeared to be on the small size for a bikini top. This is not a bad thing from what I've observed in the past. I'm not sure if the owner would be considered a keeper. In addition, I'm not familiar with the parks and wildlife regulations on mermaids and whether or not there is a slot limit if one was to catch this particular species. Certainly there must be something like a 18 to 35 [years] limit to retain them. I'm not sure if there is daily a bag limit on mermaids either. I suspect too small is illegal, and absolutely not sporting, and too large may place a strain on your terminal tackle and other equipment. I'll have to do more field research and get back to you on this matter. . .

I did catch a 1/2 pounder at the VFW Hall for their Wednesday lunch special. Bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, jalapeno burger with fries and a drink, $6.25. Them soldier boys sure can cook up some good grub.

May 9, 2009 - Clint Barton

We started out on the South San Gabriel and I caught a 2 lb largemouth and we caught several small sunfish. Then we went below the new bridge in San Gabriel park and fished down to the railroad bridge. We caught several small bass and more small sunfish. While we still need more water in the river, at least there is enough to have fish!

July 11, 2008 - Donavon Johnson & Michael Seery

We fished from about 5:30PM till near dark. The water was as warm as a bathtub and a little off-color. We fished some pockets that held some small Bass and Sunfish. We made it to the old railroad bridge, but the water there was covered with a slime film and we turned back to the park. We fished our way back, chasing the sun, and caught more Sunfish and a few small Bass. Michael caught one decent Bass upon returning to the water just underneath the park.

May 18, 2008 - Clint Barton

We went fishing below the water crossing in the park. We caught a lot of bream in the main pool and small bass in the rocky running water down the left side of the split. Everything was caught on epoxy minnows with chartruese tails. The water was clear an cool. We even had to move aside and let a family in a canoe drift by--I think they probably got a lot of exercise dragging the canoe through the lower sections.

April 28 and 29, 2007 - Bruce Wilks


Good flows in the San Gabriel and water clarity was good. Hmm... May have to do with all the rain and water release from lake Georgetown. Me and my nephew Jason went fly fishing on the San Gabriel below the park low water bridge on Saturday late afternoon. We fished from 2:30PM to 6:45PM. We waded down the left split in the river to the first long pool before the big pool at the railroad bridge. It was too deep to wade beyond this point. I was using my 3wt/4wt Titan rod and caught 8 sunfish up to 5", 2 Rio's up to 5" and one little 10" largemouth... Jason caught a nice 14" Guad/Smallie hybrid on a white/brown bend back with his new 6wt Temple Fork TiCr I gave him for his collage graduation present. He also caught 2 sunfish and 1 10" largemouth"... This is only Jason's second time fly fishing. After only two trips fly fishing Jason is hooked...:-)...


We went back on Sunday with my canoe and fished from 12:30PM to 6:30PM. The rapids were fun in the canoe... We again went down the left split in the river and fished to the next dam below the railroad bridge pool... Jason caught 12 sunfish, 1 5" Rio and one 10" largemouth. I caught 10 sunfish, 2 Rio's and a 20" catfish! This is my first catfish on a fly rod... I caught this nice catfish on my 3wt/4wt rod, casting a #6 olive BH wooly-bugger, it took out some drag a few time and put up a strong fight... I sight cast to some nice bass, but was not able to get them to take my presentations... We did not see good numbers of fish yet, but I am sure the fish are in there just not sure where they hanging out... We came back up the left side split in the river (facing up river from the big pool). This section is wade-able with some nice pools below and above rapids... Saw 5 snakes, but all of them except for one were non-viper... One cotton mouth got within 10 feet of us while we were wading, but decided to go the other way...

The only bad part of the trip was I forgot to take my cell phone off my belt and when I slipped and fell in the rapids trying to sight cast to some nice fish, my cell phone came off and we could not find it, so if you try and call my cell it will go straight to the voice mail... Stuff happens... I will get another cell phone sometime this week.