Fishing Reports for Old Settlers Pond


June 19, 2007 - Don Johnson

I fished from about 6:00 AM till about 9:30 AM. The weather was partly cloudy, temperature about 75° at start, rising to about 85°. I caught a 10 inch bass right at the start, on a rubber popper, but had no more luck for the next two hours. I decided to give up on bass and tied on a hare’s ear to see if the sunfish were biting. I caught quite a few bluegill near the shore along the dam. They were all small, in the four to seven inch range, but they hit very aggressively and fought very hard, even harder than normal bluegill. Too bad I was using a 7 weight rod (I had been hoping for bass), but, even so, they put up a struggle.

May 11, 2007 - Don Johnson

I fished from about 6:30 a.m. to about 10:30 a.m. I caught 5 or 6 small sunfish and two pretty nice bass; the larger of the two is shown in the photo. I also did a long distance release on a bass that was probably a little larger than the one pictured - he gave a few nice jumps before he spit the hook. I saw three bank fishermen each catch at least one bass in the same size range as mine.

The water was very clear. There are weeds growing up from the bottom that nearly reach the water surface in the shallower areas. Both of the fish I landed were caught on a "Miss Prissy" popper. The long distance release fish took a double Aztek streamer in bluegill colors.