Devil's River Outing - Randy Johnson

The Devilís River at Dolan Falls is among the most pristine rivers in the United States, and is the standard by which all river quality in the state of Texas is measured. During our trip, the river was flowing at 850-900 cfs, which is ideal. This location is about 50 miles north of Del Rio, and about 50 miles south of Sonora, Texas.

We had 12 members on the trip: Brooks Bouldin, Randy Johnson, Clint Barton, Don Johnson, Ken Kahanek, Jack Noble, Tommy Griffis, Chris Turner, Brent Mozingo, Trent Mozingo, Bruce Wilks, and Bruce Moring. The unstable weather kept the total fish count down, but several good sized fish were caught. Bruce Wilks caught a bass in the 4 pound range, and Clint Barton caught a smallmouth about 18 inches long, weighing maybe 3 pounds. I saw a Mexican Eagle on Sunday morning, just below Dolan Falls. Our group was the guest of the Nature Conservancy, at their camp located just above Dolan Falls. The country is very remote and very rough, but the river is beautiful. Most of us took a spill or two in the river, especially in Dolan Creek, which was very slick in places. Everyone had a great time.

Fridayís high was 90, but a front came in late Friday night. Low on Friday night was about 40 degrees, high on Saturday about 68. The low on Saturday night was about 33, with a high on Sunday of 65. Very windy on Friday afternoon and Saturday, with North winds up to 30 mph. Sunday morning winds were from the South at 10-15.

Water temperatures were 72-73 degrees, with extremely clear water (visibility to 20 feet in most places).

Finally, all of us would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the Nature Conservancy, and especially to John Karges, our host during the trip. John was an exceptional host, and made us all feel right at home during our stay. His knowledge of the river, and of the area, together with his great hospitality, made it a trip to remember.

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