Cleanup the San Gabriel

On August 5th an energetic group led by Bruce Moring met at the Chandler City Park across from the entrance to Georgetown Country Club to initiate the club's adopt-a-stream program on the North Fork of the San Gabriel. Armed with large trash bags and dowels with spikes at one end, nine intrepid volunteers set out to clean the riverbed and riverbanks from Country Club Road to Duke's. Numerous sacks of debris were collected and deposited by the hike and bike trail to be disposed of by the city on Monday.

After the work was done we met at Georgetown BBQ for a well deserved meal where members of the group were whispering among themselves about the location of fish they had seen and deep holes that will deserve further investigation later.

We were gratified that numerous hike and bikers stopped to tell us that they appreciated our efforts. Bruce is planning another day on the river to start a water monitoring program and to install signs to document our adopt-a-stream program. This was a very rewarding day for all who participated. Our thanks to Bruce Moring, Bob Brooks, Bob Bruner, Tommy Griffis, Don Johnson, Randy Johnson, Keith Lovin and Stan Mauldin for the good work.