Fishing reports for
South San Gabriel At Ronald Reagan Blvd.


Spetember 18 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: 7-11
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 70-80, clear, light breeze
Water temperature, water condition: Water was cool and clear
Flies that worked: Small poppers

Decided to check out the condition of the river after the big flood. Water was flowing about a foot deeper than normal summer flows, was clear and cool. In spite of the recent flooding there was still a layer of slippery green algae on the bottom. I didn't see too many major changes, some gravel bars were moved around but the main holes were the same, big shallow runs were the same, ledges etc. Due to the additional water the fish were really spread out and hard to catch. Saw several 1lb quad bass and saw a 5lb fish, so I don't think the flood affected the population that much. Fishing was a bit tough due to the deeper water making it tough to get into good casting positions, I was focused as much on exploring as I was fishing though, so wasn't real thorough, also was focusing more on bigger fish, could have done a lot better if I just targeted sunfish.

July 25 - Tim Nickels

Location: Upstream from the Bridge
Begin and end times: 0830-1230
Air Temperature, weather conditions: Hot, slight breeze
Water temperature, water condition: normal for summer, low flow
Flies that worked: Sz 8 Llano bugs

Hit the river Sunday morning to beat the heat, targeting sunfish at first started off slow. Green sunfish were super aggressive and hit top waters really well. A few bass were seen but most weren't interested in my flies or the sunfish would get them first. Not much luck with small streamer/nymph patterns, topwater was more productive and more fun. Water was very clear, slightly warm, plenty of flow. Saw some big bass in the upper pools but they were a bit skittish.

April 24-25 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: Saturday noon to Sunday noon
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 80’s during the day, 40’s at night, clear, breezy
Water temperature, water condition: Water was clear and good temp for wading, 90cfs flow at I35 crossing
Flies that worked (size, color, pattern): All, small streamers, small popper, bead head buggers

Overnight kayak trip, fly fishing and spin fishing. Bass, red breasted sunfish and green sunfish were all very active. River is nice and clear, all the springs flowing, flow is a little low for floating but not too bad.

April 3, 2010 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: 1 pm - 4:30 pm
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 70's, clear, slight breeze
Water temperature, water condition: comfortable for wet wading, clear, 120 cfs at I35
Flies that worked: Single bunny, natural & white, sz 6-8

Explored the So. San Gabe up from Parmer, beautiful water. Bass are starting to spawn, not too interested in hitting flies. Bass hanging out in bigger pools.