The South Guadalupe River


  • Fishing Reports for the South Gaudalupe
  • Rio Raft and Resort map showing this fishing location


Both Texas Parks and Wildlife and Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited (GTRU), the only Texas Chapter of Trout Unlimited, stock trout into the South Guadalupe River each winter, and the river is a popular place to fish for trout.

There are several road crossings that offer access to the South Gaudalupe River. In the summer the river is very popular with recreational kayakers, float tubers, beer drinkers, etc. Several of the river front vendors that cater to this crowd stay open during the winter and allow, for a fee, trout fishermen to access the river from their property. Some of our club members have used “Rio Raft and resort” and “Guadalupe Landing”, but there are several others.

Each year GTRU operates a lease program that provides a ”path to the river“ over private property to legally access the Guadalupe River. Members of GRTU can, for an annual fee, participate in this program. This program provides access to the river at locations that are less crowded than the public places and are located near the places where GTRU releases their stocker trout. You can go to the GTRU web site for more information.