Fishing Reports for The North fork of the San Gabriel River at CR 257


June 23, 2011 - Rod Viator

Begin and end times: 7:30 am - 11:15 am
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 72 +, partly cloudy to sunny
Water condition: Water temperature was as warm as spit and cloudy to stagnant in some pools
Flies that worked: No. 10, Olive Damsel Nymph, w/small black bead chain eyes.

Target: Common Grass Carp and there are many. 5 wt tackle with 7’ fluorocarbon leader and 3' of 8# fluorocarbon tippet

Walked east from the bridge as CR 257 crosses the N. San Gabriel River about 2-miles and caught 2-carp in pools holding water. I recommend hiking boots with steel cleats, since the river bottom is covered in what only can be described as owl snot. The carp are very skittish in shallow water, up to knee deep and stealth was the order of the day. Walked back to the bridge about 100-yards west of CR 257 and caught another single in a pool holding about 6” of water. Discovered a school of about a dozen carp moving thru the pool like sharks on scent. You need only toss the No. 10, Olive Damsel Nymph fly into the pack and hold onto your tackle with both hands. The hook-up is similar to snagging a yellow cab in rush hour traffic. Culled 2-carp from the pack before calling it a day. It was the most fun I've had since my honeymoon (don’t tell my wife)!