North Fork of San Gabriel River at Tejas Park



Tejas Park, a Corps of Engineers park that is part of the Lake Georgetown park system, is located where county road 258 crosses the North Fork of the San Gabriel River. When Lake Georgetown is very high slack water at the upper end of the lake reaches almost up to Tejas Park; when the lake is very low the slack water point can be almost two river miles downstream from the park. Similarly, the river flow can be anywhere from zero to flash flood levels. If there is enough flow and if the lake is low enough you can wade-fish downstream. You can also wade upstream, but, depending on the flow you may have to go quite a way up before the water is deep enough to fish. In the summer time on weekends there can be quite a crowd of people swimming and sunbathing near Tejas Park.

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Oct 30, 2006. Looking downstream from the 258 bridge

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Oct 30, 2006. Looking upstream from the 258 bridge

Some years there can be a good white bass run in the river downstream from Tejas Park, and some years there is no run at all; it all depends on the lake level and the river flow. If there is a good run then there will also be a lot of minnow and spin fishermen, at least on the weekends.