Fishing report for
North Fork of San Gabriel at Ronald Reagan Blvd.


August 22, 2010 - Tim Nickels

Date: 8/22/10
Begin and end times: 4-7 pm
Air Temperature, weather conditions: Hot
Water temperature, water condition: Hot, mostly stagnant, covered with some funk
Flies that worked: Llano bugs

Went upstream from the bridge, disappointed in the amount of illegal dumping going on there now. Water wasn’t moving much at all, was hot, and covered with scum in a lot of places. Water was very off-color, visibility only a couple feet, couldn’t see bottom in water more than knee deep. Sunfish were active in the shade and ledge area. Found a nice pool and picked up 6 guadalupe bass pretty quickly, lots of small bass around too, hopefully a sign that the next few seasons will be good. Picked up some good sized red-breasts in the shade along the banks. Topwater bugs were better than wooly bugger type flies.

August 8, 2010 - Rod Viator

Begin and end times: 0749 hrs to 1047 hrs

Air Temperature, weather conditions: Morning: 87, HOT. Noon: 100 +-, Very HOT
Water temperature, water condition: 87, clear water to cloudy where Mr. Carp was present. River flow: 2.75 cfs

Flies that worked: No. 8 Olive Damsel Nymph, black bead chain eyes and black plastic eyes. I prefer the black plastic eyes. The fly will land softer with the plastic than the chain eyes. These fishe are very spooky in 10" of water.

Description of the fishing spot: 100 yards East of Ronald Reagan Blvd overpass. There's a pool about 50-yards long by 30-feet wide where the fish have been captured by the low water level. Riffle on the West end and natural rock dam on the East end. It's like shooting carp in a barrel. This location now called Rod's Pool. Look for the cairn.

Fished solo early morning before the sun got too intense, stopped at around 11 a.m. when the temperature heat index hit 110 on the top of my head. Caught 4-carp and broke off another. Casting in the area that the carp were digging around and stripped thru the muddy area provoked a vicious attack like a cop going after a donut.

April 19, 2008 - Don Johnson

I fished for a few hours in the afternoon, working upstream from the bridge. The river flow was fairly low and in pools the water had a grey-green cast, though it was quite clear in the riffles. I was wet wading for the first time this year, and I was quite comfortable, even in the occasional waist deep water. I caught quite a few sunfish, though only a few were in the 8 inch range, and four or five pretty Guadalupe bass. The most successful fly was a black woolly bugger.

December 21, 2007 - Clint Barton

I fished downstream from the bridge and caught about 10 bass and around that many bream. I started a little after 2 pm and fished a couple of hours. They all bit either a brown and orange clouser or a chartruese and white clouser. The largest bass was 12 inches. It was a pretty nice day!

December 5, 2007 - Don Johnson

I fished downstream from the bridge and found a few pools deep enough to hold fish not too far downstream. I fished from about 1:00pm till about 4:30pm and caught five or six small Guadalupe bass (in the eight to ten inch range) and a few small sunfish. While fishing the last pool on the way back to my car I hooked, and landed, a carp. There is nothing unusual about catching a carp in the San Gabriel, and this one was not particularly large. But this one was unusual in that it took a chartreuse and white deep closer being retrieved very quickly – it must have thought it was a bass.