Fishing Reports for
North Fork of San Gabriel River at hiking trail crossing near River Road


April 1, 2012 - Rod Viator

I started out early one morning to fish the San Gabriel River behind the tail trace of Lake Georgetown [Texas] and came to a narrow portion of the river. There was a high limestone cliff on one side and a gravel flat on the other about thirty feet wide. I noticed a small disturbance on the water near the cliff face under an ancient pecan tree. There were two stumps above water level downriver about thirty feet away. I looked up in the top of the pecan tree where I notice a huge web worm nest. The web worm larvae were dropping down in the river and the fish were having breakfast. I found a No. 10 chartreuse wooly bugger and pinched the tail off and gave it a haircut with my Swiss Army knife to remove some of the palmered feather and tossed it into the fray. It didn't stay on the surface a second before I was into a three pound black bass. The bass charge downstream to the tree stumps determined to make his getaway in his lair, but I reeled him back for a quick catch and release.

I then noticed a pecan sitting on top of one of the stumps and a squirrel on the bank trying to get over to the nut, but the distance was too great. Mr. Bushytail ran back and forth judging his distance, but just couldn't make the jump. The squirrel finally jumped onto the first stump and then the second stump to retrieve the pecan. While the squirrel was eating the pecan on top of the stump, an eight pound bass came out to the water and swallowed the squirrel as he dove over the stump back into the river. I was shocked! I could not believe my eyes, so I sat down on a large river rock to catch my breath. A minute later the same bass swam up to the stump and spit the pecan back out on top of the tree stump and swam over and waited in a nearby brush pile . . .

Sept 22, 2006 - Don Johnson

I fished from about 8:00 a.m. to about 10:00 a.m. in the pool that is downstream from the footbridge. The temperature was about 73°, the sky was slightly overcast early but cleared later, and wind was gusty. The water was clear. I caught about 20 fish; all were small. I caught 1 bass (about 8 inches), three Rio Grande Perch, the largest of which was about 8 inches, and a bunch of sunfish in the 2 inch to 5 inch range. I saw one bass that was probably in the 12 to 14 inch range. All fish were caught on subsurface flies: #10 brown wooly worm, #8 olive wooly bugger, #8 black swamp monster.