Fishing reports for
The Llano River at the Hwy 87 Bridge


August 29, 2008 - Don Johnson

I fished from about 7:00 AM till near noon. Fishing was fairly slow; I caught six or eight Guadalupes in the eight to twelve inch range, plus a few six inchers and a single sunfish. Half the fish were caught on a deer hair diver, the rest on a chartreuse and white deep Clouser minnow. The flow at the USGS station just upstream was 136 cfs, and the wading was easy.

May 12, 2008 - Don Johnson

Keith Lovin and I fished from about 10:00 AM till about 4:30 PM. We fished upsteam from the bridge. We had good time catching Gaudalupe bass. The fish were small, mostly in the nine to eleven inch range, but there were lots of them. The fish bit steadily throughout the day. The fish weren't very selective; they went for most anything, including Woolly Buggers, Clouser Minnows, and Sneaky Petes.

The day was mostly overcast in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. The high temperature for the day was about 85 degrees. The river flow was about 130 cfs.