Fishing Reports for the Llano at Raye Carrington’s


October 24, 25, 26, 2011 - Rod Viator

Begin and end times: 1000 hrs & 1500 hrs - 1800 hrs daily
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 55 a.m. & 80 p.m. +-, clear skies, little wind to present casting issues.
Water temperature, water condition: 60 degrees +-, crystal clear water @ 55 cfs +-
Flies that worked: No. 10 tan foam popper with tan rubber legs tied with tan floss and No. 8 brown/yellow variegated wholly bugger.

Fished the Llano River from Raye Carrington’s Llano River Lodge downstream and up, about a quarter mile both ways. Downstream from the lodge are large and slippery boulders that make wading to the larger fishing holes very much an adventure. Wading boots with tungsten cleats and a wading staff for stability, are recommended for this area. Easier wading upstream directly across from the lodge about a quarter mile provides the best and safest access to the water on flat gravel beds. I caught a number of smallish long ear perch and black bass on average 8” to 16”+ in front of the lodge while casting upstream along the stream flow thru the boulders. There is one particular large rock at this location that resembles Mount St. Helens after the eruption. It rests on the north side of the river and is now called Rod’s Rock [GPS 30°39’39.60”N 99® 4’57.09”W] . If you stand in the crater side of the Rod”s Rock and cast to the south and mend line as the fly travels thru the current seam in the riffle, you'll get a strike on every third cast. Besides the occasional 16” bass, I also caught the world”s smallest black bass at about 1 1/2” long on a No. 8 brown/yellow variegated wholly bugger. This little bass was maybe twice as long as the fly! The fish are hungry to say the least. Raye’s Llano River Lodge is a bed and breakfast and her chef, Sergio, will fix the best breakfast you’ll find next to your momma’s kitchen table. Guaranteed! I highly recommend an outing while the water is up and running and the fish are hungry. Bring the whole family, they”ll love it!