Fishing Reports for the Llano at County Road 102


September 28, 2007 - Don Johnson

I fished from about 7:30AM till about 11:00AM. For no paticular reason I fished the upstream side of the road crossing. I had a pretty slow day. Three or four small, 7 inch range, sunfish and two small Guadalupe Bass, 6 and 8 inches. The wading was pretty easy. There were some deep spots and some fast spots, and I was glad I had my new wading staff, but, overall, no problem. In the fast shallow spots the water was quite clear; it was a little cloudy in the slower deeper spots, but I could still see the bottom in four feet of water. I caught the two bass in places where I expected to find Guadalupes - in the current tongues where riffles empty into pools, but I cast to a lot of these places and only caught the two bass. All the fish were taken with a #6 black woolly bugger.

The river flow at the USGS gauging station upstream near Mason was 410 cfs; downstream at Llano reading the reading was 330 cfs.

On my way back to my car I was disgusted to see a small stretch of the river bank littered with empty beer cans and beer cartons. How could anybody come to such a pretty place and not want to leave it as pretty as they found it. Fortunately I usually have a trash bag in my vest, so I was able to carry out some of the mess.