Little Webberville Park


March 19, 2011 - Michael Seery & Faith Fricano

Fishing spot location: Webberville at Cooks canoes
Begin and end times: 2:00 pm -7:30 pm
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 75 degrees, sunny with scattered clouds, SE breeze 15-20 MPH
Water temperature, water condition: middle to upper fifties
Flies that worked:Jon Lukes Flippin Fly earlier in the day, Foam Frog as dusk settled

Faith and I continued our exploration of the Colorado River. This is our second trip in the past three weeks and each time we have had productive outings. The current was a little quicker than our last visit but the temperature was good and the clarity was exceptional. We were able to see a few of the strikes. There were several opportunities to pull the canoe to the bank and fish some long gravel bars with deep pools behind them. There were also places to wade in and throw across to undercut banks....A surprising number of presentation opportunities with submerged logs, gravel and submerged grass. Faith caught the fish of the day on the foam frog as the light dropped and we fished a shaded grass line.

Another exceptional trip exploring the water. It is rapidly climbing toward a top-three location.

February 27, 2011 - Faith Fricano and Michael Seery

Begin and end times:10:30 am - 7:00 pm
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 65 degrees, cloudy stiff westerly breeze to 25 mph.
Water temperature, water condition: middle fifties
Flies that worked: Jon Lukes Flippin Fly in Black

Put the canoe in the water at Webberville at Cooks Canoes. Paddled upstream for about 0.75 miles. Caught several Largemouth on the Flippin Fly over submerged grass and at pool tail-outs.