Fishing Reports for the
Lampasas River at Chalk Ridge Falls Park


July 13, 2008 - Randy Johnson

On Sunday, I went solo to check out Chalk Ridge Falls Park, a Bell County park below the dam at Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The park is built around a small spring creek flowing into the Lampasas River, about a half mile below the dam. The creek has a nine foot waterfall about 200 yards before it feeds into the Lampasas. Bell County has built steps and railings to facilitate access.

I had not been there since 2006, before the big floods we had in June 2007, and I wanted to check out the condition. The effects of flood were significant, and destroyed a suspension bridge below the falls. The creek is still running pretty well, but the flow looks down about 30% from the last time I was there. I fished at the base of the falls first, and caught about 10 small sunfish, none of any size. I caught them on a black foam ant, and on a size 10 brown woolly bugger. As with the last time I was there, there were no bass at the base of the falls.

I then fished at the confluence of the creek and the Lampasas, where I had caught a few bass in the past. This time I had no luck at all. The water level in the Lampasas was very low, and the water temperature was high, maybe as much as 80 degrees.

This is a beautiful spot, and the creek has lots of small sunfish.