Lampasas River at HWY 195


August 17, 2008 - Tommy Griffis

Begin and end times: Started about 7:30 and finished just before 2:00
Flies that worked: # 6 Black & Olive Woolly Buggers and Kevin Hutchinson’s Bug

I started fishing about 7:30 and fished downstream from the bridge. I was back at the bridge about 12:00 and fished upstream from then until about 2:00 when I was back at the bridge. I fished the first couple of hours using the woolly buggers and caught a few small bass, sun fish and bluegills. I decided to try the Llano Bug for a while and caught some bass in the 8 to 10 size range and some bluegills about the size of the palm of my hand. The attached picture, slightly out of focus, shows one of the bass with the Llano Bug. It also shows the clarity of the water. As Don Johnson said in his August 14 report the wading is easy for this river and there is enough water for some fun fishing. The hardest part is the steep slope accessing the river from the parking area.

August 14, 2008 - Don Johnson

I started fishing at about 7:15 AM and fished till just before noon. I fished downstream from the bridge. The USGS river flow gauge upstream near Kempner reported 15 cfs. This was enough to give noticeable flow in the riffle areas; there were no stretches of dry river bed like there are in the San Gabriel right now. The water was not gin clear, but I could easily see the bottom in waist deep water. The deepest water I waded through was waist deep, it was mostly knee deep or less.

I caught quite a few fish, but they were all small mostly five inch sunfish and 9 inch bass. The unexpected big fish of the day was a 12 inch white bass. The most successful flies were a number 8 olive woolly bugger and a number 8 natural deer hair popper.