Fishing Reports for Granger Lake primitive launch site


December 26, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: 1pm to 4pm
Air Temperature, weather conditions: cool, 40's - 50's, p cloudy
Water temperature, water condition: water was cold, pretty clear, flowing pretty full
Flies that worked: nothing working

Fished with conventional tackle up and back down with no luck. Didn't see any fish activity, people throwing cast nets weren't catching anything, people fishing live minnows under bobbers weren't catching anything. It was mainly a nice practice run for my new yak, and I’d never fished/launched there before, just fished the steps last year.

March 9, 2008, Chris Turner

BEGIN AND END TIMES: 3:00pm. to 6:00 p.m.
WATER TEMPERATURE, WATER CONDITION: 58 degrees and off color
FLIES THAT WORKED: Grey and White Clousers
DESCRIPTION OF THE OUTING: Brent Mozingo and I launched kick boats and fished upstream. 4 white and 1 black bass were caught on this outing. Fish were caught just upstream from the Boat Ramp. Slow fishing was the word with all of the fishermen (bank and boat). I caught my 3 white bass as I casted toward the bank from the middle of the river. I caught all of my fish on grey and white clousers. Red and white and all white clousers were thrown with no strikes on these colors.

February 29, 2008- Don Johnson

I put my little kick boat in at the primitive launch and rowed upsteam to the steps, then fished my way back to the primitive boat launch. I caught only two very small black bass and some very small sunfish - no white bass. I talked to some of the bank fishermen I saw up near the steps; they all reported catching either no or very few whites. One of these guys said "they are not here today, but we were killing them here last week". (He must have been a fishing camp operator in a former life.) As I was retrieving my boat at the launch I spoke to a conventional tackle kayak fisherman who had a nice string of crappie. He said he caught them from schools he located using the fish-finder mounted on his kayak.

February 28, 2007 - Clint Barton

We went to Circleville looking for white bass. We put in the kayak at the primitive boat launch and paddled up the river. We went all the way up where the bank fishermen were and caught 3 whites--all relatively small. People were catching a few fish, but it looks like they really haven't started turning on yet. There was plenty of water as compared to Tejas! Clint