Fishing Reports for Brushy Creek


May (unremembered date), 2009 - Bruce Wilks

Location: Morning in May 2009 on Brushy Creek. Memorial and upriver 2nd pull off…
Begin and end times: 9:30am – 2:00pm
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 87deg, clear to partly cloudy
Water temperature, water condition: Clear water
Flies that worked: Chicken Leach, Wooly Buggers, hoppers and foam spiders Cats Whisker etc…
Fishing Partners: Greg and me…

I fished my 3wt and Greg fished his 4wt rod… I used small size 10 and 12 yellow/green hoppers, Chris’s grey foam spiders #10 internally olive weighted wooly buggers #10 olive chicken leeches., where Greg used Olive wooly buggers, and cats whiskers…#10 We caught a mixed bag of sunfish and small bass, Always a good day fishing with catching as a bonus…!!!

May 22, 2009 - Bruce Wilks

Begin and end times: 6:30pm - dark
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 78deg, clear to partly cloudy
Water temperature, water condition: Clear water
Flies that worked: downsized Chicken Leach, Wooly Buggers, hoppers and foam spiders

I fished my 3wt and Lindy fished with a 4wt rod… I used small size 10 and 12 yellow/green hoppers and white and grey foam spiders, where Lindy used Olive #10 Chicken Leach and #10 internally weighted Olive/brown Wooly Buggers. Gnats and light caddis flying around and sprinkling dimples on the water looking like a light rain was falling. Good fun action on the hoppers and foam spider flies for 25 fish mixed bag of sunfish and small bass, but tapered off at dark when Lindy caught this big beautiful Red Breasted sunny on an Olive #10 Chicken Leach.

April 23, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Fishing spot location: Brushy Creek, Memorial Park
Begin and end times: 7:30 - 8:45
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 70°, clear, breezy
Water temperature, water condition: Water up due to recent rains, off color but still good visibility
Flies that worked: Nothing of note

Quick trip to try out my new 3wt shorty, harassed a few small sunfish and small bass. Found a couple of nice LMB still hovering over their beds, found a pair of carp ~30” cruising around. Did some prospecting with an UL spinner and caught numerous small bass, all of the fish appear to be very active right now, good topwater action it looked like also.

April 3, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: 6:30 - dark
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 70's, clear
Water temperature, water condition: still stained from rain
Flies that worked: downsized Llano bugs and foam spiders

Fished exclusively with smaller size foam flies, 10-14. Yellow seemed to work better than brown/black combinations. Basically a fish every cast with some good sized yellow breasted sunfish thrown in, mostly feisty green sunfish and bluegills. Didn't see any bass, even on the beds I’ve seen them on for the last month, looks like they've dispersed now. Clouds of mosquitos/gnats and lots of light caddis flying around, by dark it almost looked like it was sprinkling with all the dimples on the water from the flies. Action on the foam flies tapered off at dark. I believe we may be into a summertime pattern now.

April 2, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: 6pm - 8pm
Air Temperature, weather conditions: Windy, clear, upper 60’s
Water temperature, water condition: Water was comfortable, stained from rain, visibility 3-4 ft
Flies that worked (size, color, pattern): Didn’t fly fish, small spinners were good

Spent a couple of hours down on the creek after work with UL spin gear, it was too windy to fish and tough to fly fish unless you can get in the creek for a clear backcast. Threw a lot of different Panther Martin spinners,#2 and #4. Gold & silver worked best, black and neon colors didn’t. Caught 2 LMB that pushed a pound, caught several <10” and a few scrappy sunfish. Saw the biggest LMB in the creek that I have ever seen, easily 3lb, maybe more. He cruised in front of me about 5ft off the bank, I was able to put a 3" texas rigged fluke in front of him about 5 times, he showed interest but didn't take. He's in there though, and I know where he's at.

There was a lot of hatching going on, lots of mosquito/midge type swarms and lots of light colored caddis. The sunfish were hitting the surface a lot. The fish were very active, if I had my fly rod I'm sure it would have been fast and furious. Lots of fish following and striking my fast moving spinner, something light left in the strike zone a bit longer would have been much more eff

The two bigger bass I caught, and many of the ones from my other Brushy Creek spots, had big slashes in their backs, some pretty deep and fresh. Is this from raptor attacks or something else? It seems every bass I catch out Brushy seems to have some kind of injury on it.

March 27, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: 6:45 – 8 pm
Air temperature, weather conditions: 65 down to 50, very windy
Water temperature, water conditions: water was warm relative to the ambient temps, lightly stained, creek was full but not flooded.
Files that worked: black or olive beadhead woolybuggers, sz 8-10

Brushy Creek was running full after the recent couple days of rain, but nothing too bad. I was very surprised at the clarity of the water, just slightly stained with pretty good visibility. Fish were more responsive to dark patterns than lighter patterns, though all were working. Bass were still on their beds, sunfish were very active and aggressive. Caught two small 8” LMB and a couple of dozen sunfish, 4-5 very big red breasted sunfish, including my largest caught to day (see photo). I’m still amazed at how hard sunfish fight, several times I mistook them for nice bass. When I left at 8pm the wind was howling and it was getting dang cold, fish were still really active, even had a bit of a caddis hatch going on.

March 24, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Location: This spot is where A.W. Grimes crosses over Brushy Creek, pull off on the east side where the sign says RAAB house and walk under the bridge or take the sidewalk under the bridge.
Begin and end times: 7pm – 8pm

Decided to explore a new spot on Brushy Creek on my way home. It had a lot of trash, which is typical of Brushy Creek in the Round Rock area. I was happy to see quite a few 8-10” bass showing spawning behavior, none were interested in taking flies. The sunfish were cooperative, as usual. I was quite pleased to see a beaver come paddling through the middle of the hole I was fishing, nice to see some wildlife of occasion. I also saw a 2’ long Koi cruising the creek, thought it was an albino carp at first, but got closer and saw that it had a light orange head and some spotting on the body. I’m sure that would make an awesome photo if someone could catch him, he was pretty actively feeding but I couldn’t get anything in front of him due to the tight casting conditions. The attached photo is the best shot I could get of the fish at dusk with a camera phone.

March 21, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Begin and end times: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Air temperature, weather conditions: Clear, 70's, sunny
Water temperature, water conditions: Typical temp, water slightly off color, clearer in some areas, back to normal flow
Files that worked: Olive/white streamer sz 2-6, Prince nymphs sz 8-10, crawdad, slump buster

Was too exhausted to fish Friday pm from my adventure at the Steps on Thursday, but Saturday morning was perfect. Found 5-6 nice bass on their beds. First bass I dropped to my belly to crawl up on the bank and immediately felt my side on fire, my hot coffee I had just grabbed at the gas station got tipped out of my fanny pack. That woke me up. The fish were pretty tightlipped but aggressive, charging whatever I put on the bed but rarely taking it. I had the same fish pick up a crawdad fly 4 times and I never got a good hookset. Moved over to a new bed and got that fish within 10 minutes on the olive/white beadhead streamer. Back to the original fish and managed to hook up with an olive slumpbuster (took 45 minutes to get that fish). The bass on the beds were 1-1.5 lb fish, but there were 2lb fish hanging around with them, females I presume, that would charge nearby sunfish but wouldn't strike my flies. Fly tackle is absolutely the wrong technique for catching bedding bass in clear shallow water on a brushy creek bank. I took the opportunity to toss in some of my odd big flies to see how the bass reacted, they really like the crawdad patterns with zonker strips for claws, hard to hook up with all that bulky material though.

After chasing the big spawning bass, caught 2 out of 6 beds I fished, I did some fishing for sunfish. Even though there was sporadic caddis hatches throughout the day, they were uninterested in dries. They really chased after the big stuff I threw for bass, but the best action came on a bead head prince nymph. Missed out on the big long ears that were really active last week, this week it was the red breasted sunfish that were in full spawning colors and really aggresive.

The recent rains succesfully cleared out a lot of the moss and algae that had built up on the creek bottom, it was nice seeing the rock bottom again. I came across a 2.5' foot snake lying on the bottom, hunting for minnows I guess.

February 28, 2009 - Chris Johnson

Begin and end times: 6:15pm - 6:45 pm
Air temperature, weather conditions: Cool and Windy
Water temperature, water conditions: Cool and Crystal Clear
Files that worked: Size 4 Rubber Legged Olive Wooly Bugger

After White Bass Day had ended and I closed the fly shop for the day, I went down to Brushy Creek for a few minutes to settle the score with a fish I had seen earlier in the week. I spotted the fish and after a few minutes of working the general area, she struck and the fight was on! The fish was caught by crawling the conehead bugger right on the bottom and only moving it inches at a time. Sometimes you have to convince these fish that they really want to eat even when they aren't that hungry! The water is warming steadily due to the warm daytime temps and as a result the bass and sunnies are beginning to kick into action! Also, caddis and mayfly hatches have been happening daily and are providing very steady dry fly action for the panfish!