Berry Springs Park and Preserve



The pond in Berry Springs Park

Berry Springs Park and Preserve is a fairly new Williamson county park (it opened in October 2005). The park has a small spring fed catch-and-release fishing lake. Before the drought of 2006 the lake had a large population of both large bass and large sunfish.

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From the north side of the lake, looking west, with a view of the lake's beaver lodge

The drought caused the springs to quit flowing which caused the lake to nearly dry up. Many of the fish died and many were netted and moved to other lakes. Since then there seem to be fewer large bass, but there are still quite a few sunfish, some good sized. Boats, canoes, etc. are not allowed, but there is good access for bank fishing.

A second drought, in 2008, caused the spring pond to completely dry up. The county took the opportunity to deepen portions of the pond to help control weed growth. The county plans to drill a well to provide enough water to keep the pond from drying up when dry weather causes the sprigs to quit flowing.

Berry Creek on the Park boundary

Berry Creek runs along the south boundary of the park; the spring fed overflow from he pond in the park runs down into Berry Creek. The spring rains of 2007 scoured out the creek and gave it a nice flow of fresh water. As of April, 2007, the creek along the park boundary has knee to waist deep water that is very clear.