Berry Creek at FM 971 (Weir Road)


June 14, 2007 - Michael Seery

Here are three photos of fishy friends I met on Thursday afternoon. I ran into them on Berry Creek, just downstream of the FM 971 crossing. The water conditions were excellent.

There was riffle flow interspersed with some pretty good sized pools full of emerald green water. Armed with my trusty five weight, I arrived just ahead of the front. I caught the first fish on a small dubbed fly with a paraloop style hackle. The second was taken a little further along in the same pool with a Llano Bug. It's a Kevin Hutchinson pattern ( see Southwest Flyfishing, March/April 2007, page 21). The third fish, taken from another pool, had to have the small green foam frog popper I tied on Wednesday evening. The front began to build but the fishing was fine. I had about 1.5 hours to fish before the lightning chased me back to the truck. I fished my way downstream about 200 yards before reaching a river-wide pool that looked too deep to wade. I turned back at that point, promising myself a return with a canoe or kayak.

Look closely above my pinky in the third photo. That bite mark was around both sides of his body. Something in that water was big enough to take a chomp on that fish. There may be some old healed scars on fish # 2 as well.

The creek flow at the USGS gauge upsteam near Airport Road was 36cfs. The thunderstorm eventually drove the flow up to over 270 cfs.