Fishing report for Salado Creek

Mar 30, 2009 - Tim Nickels

Fishing spot: Salado Creek, Salado
Begin and end times: 5:15-6:30
Air Temperature, weather conditions: Mid 70's, clear, very windy
Water temperature, water condition: Water was crystal clear with good flow, as usual
Flies that worked: Everything, white particularly

Fished the Salado behind the Stagecoach Inn for a bit Monday evening. Saw several 1lb LMB as usual, spawning behavior, charged the flies but tight lipped. Sunfish were pretty active and cooperative. Wind was terrible, terrible, terrible, probaby shouldn't have even been fishing. Fished the small pond behind the Stagecoach Inn when the wind permitted. Saw several good LMB with strikes on white beadhead woolybugger, olive over white cat's whisker, and gray colored damsel/nymph patterns. Saw some locals that said they were having good luck with rooster tails. Didn't catch any bass, in spite of several strikes.