Club Lease Lake

July 22, 2010 - Rod Viator

Fishing spot:Under the boat ramp pavilion and smaller lake near the dam.
Begin and end times: 0730 hrs - 1130 hrs
Air Temperature, weather conditions: Mid 70's, clear, very windy
Water temperature, water condition: In the morning when I arrived the temperature was about 78. No surface wind. Closer to noon the temperature was around 90 and wind from the southwest 10-15 mph. Overcast.
Flies that worked:Size 10, tan cricket. The area is covered with these bugs and they work.

Fished alone at the Club Lake under the boat ramp pavilion for most of the morning. Side casting in the shade of the canopy. Caught a baker's dozen, mixed bag. 10-12 inch bass and several long ear perch the size of my hand. Mostly small perch. Drove across the dam to the smaller lake parallel to the dam and caught another half-dozen small bass, 10 inches if I stretch my imagination. The grass and weeds are growing too tall to safely fish from the bank. Could be snakes in there! I hate snakes. If today had been the SGFF 1-Fly Fishing Contest, I would have won hands down!