Lower Mountain Fork

April 16 and 17, 2014 - Clint Barton

Keith Lovin, Al Hoffman, and I fished the Lower Mt Fork River Wednesday and Thursday April 16 and 17 with Rob Woodruff as our guide. We started the first morning fishing double nymph rigs in the Red Zone. The first hole I fished I hooked 9 fish and was getting hits every 2nd or 3rd cast until I broke off the red midge larva fly I was fishing. We continued down river during the morning and ended the morning fishing dry flies in the Evening. After lunch we moved to Spillway Creek and continued our success with both nymph rigs and dry flies. The first day we each had approximately 30 hookups a piece (with substantially less fish that actually made it to the net)! Day 2 we started a little farther up in the Red Zone with nymph rigs and hit the Evening Hole after lunch with dry flies. The bite was a little slower than the first day, but we all still caught plenty of Rainbows up to 19”. There was a lot of bug activity in the Evening Hole with BWO’s, Caddis, and March Browns hatching. The trip was very successful and enjoyable, the weather was perfect, and the river and scenery were beautiful.