Moss Lake at Enchanted Rock State Park

March 28, 2011 - Rod Viator

Begin and end times: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Air Temperature, weather conditions: 60 degrees, overcast, 5-10 mph winds from the north.
Water temperature, water condition: 60 degrees, cloudy
Flies that worked: No. 8 tan foam cricket with squirrel tail and yellow legs.

Hiked into Enchanted Rock SP and took Echo Valley Trail around to the northwest side to Moss Lake. I don't recommend using this path unless you have mountain goat blood in your veins or have suicidal tendencies. It’s very treacherous and the likely hood of rattle snakes hiding under every rock and bolder are ideal. The lake is more like a 1-acre pound than a lake. Finally made it to the lake after getting lost twice, so much for my Eagle Scout training. On the fifth cast I caught a 5-pound black bass! Well worth the mountain climbing experience. Caught 2 other black bass at 14” and 15” respectively. Another monster bass rolled on the surface, being too fat to actually jump, and broke off my 10-pound tippet and stole my No. 8 fly. Whoever said, “big hook, big fish” hasn’t been to Moss Lake. It was getting close to noon time I could smell Cooper’s BBQ 25-miles away calling my name. I hiked out on Loop Trail. This is a 2-mile leisurely walk on rolling hills and a wide flat trail and allowed time to enjoy the local flora and fauna.