Lake Charles LA

May 15, 2008 - Bruce Wilks

Begin and End Times: 7:30am to 3:30pm
Air Temperature: 84 deg F
Weather Conditions: Wind 10 mph to 20mph, Overcast with sunny to partly cloudy
Water Temperature: 80deg, WATER CONDITION: Some clear water 10” to 1.5 feet deep some murky water 8” to 1.5 feet deep
Flies that Worked: # 4 and #2 gold, black, or copper spoon flies and Tom Horbee spoons in Gold/Red… Also some flies that were shrimp and baitfish imitations… We used medium/fast 8wt rods with reels with good drag systems…

Brooks and I fishing off Lake Charles, LA, at Grosse Savanne Grosse Savanne Lodge in their private marsh with their fly fishing guide Capt Devin Palomino.

Devin was an excellent guide and put us on many single fish and multiple pods of redfish with many opportunities to site cast to the visible fish or its wake, but I only hooked 6 of those and landed 4 Reds 22” to 26” Reds. I had another big shouldered Red on, but after after a 20 sec fight Devin pulled on the leader trying to land this one and the fish twisted around and cut my leader with his gill plate… We lost others that broke off, or pulled off the fly… Many of the ones we cast to and caught were moving in groups of 1 to 3 fish. In the morning I cast to at least 8 fish that I either spooked by my very excited poor casting behind them, or on their backs. Brooks hooked 8 and landed 4 nice Reds, with his last one being the biggest Red of the day at 29” Many of the fish we spotted were very spooky, so if you had one chance and if you missed the sweet spot, they were gone… I can’t even count how many other fish spooked either before we spotted them or before we could get a cast off… Many mud slicks left from fish that spooked from the boat… Great fun…!!! All the ones we caught were above 20” It was a great 7.5 hours of fishing… Friday night we enjoyed a great Crawfish (“Mud Puppy”) Boil to kickoff the Gulf Coast Council Expo 2009… We also enjoyed the Expo Sat and Sunday…

My Report review of the GCC Expo 2009 can be found here.

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